I am a geophysicist who primarily uses passive seismic data to understand tectonic processes that are happening on Earth today, and how these have evolved over geological history. This includes developing seismicity catalogues from local earthquakes and seismic velocity models for a variety of tectonic settings. Find out more about current and past research projects below.


The PICTS project, standing for Probing Into the Crust Through eastern Scotland, is research to uncover the role that the Highland Boundary Fault (HBF) has played in building Scotland using seismology.


The northern Borneo Orogeny Seismic Survey (nBOSS) project is a collaboration between the University of Aberdeen, University of Cambridge and Universiti Malaysia Sabah aiming to uncover what happens when subduction stops, using a network of 46 seismometers deployed across Sabah from March 2018 – January 2020. We are using a suite of seismic imaging techniques to develop models of the crust and mantle beneath Sabah and new seismicity catalogues to help constrain seismic hazard in the region.

Eastern Canada

I was involved in the QM-III project (Québec-Maine across three sutures) and managed the network of 10 seismic stations that Imperial College had deployed in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Data from these stations were used to investigate seismic anisotropy in the Canadian Appalachians using shear-wave splitting. I also constructed the first detailed shear-velocity crustal model for the Trans-Hudson Orogen, comparing this to the on-going collision between India and Eurasia.

Central Asia

My PhD research imaged the structure of the crust and upper mantle in central Asia, with a particular focus on intracontinental deformation taking place in the Kyrgyz Tien Shan and deformation related to the India-Eurasia collision in the Western Himalayas and Western Tibet. Using surface wave dispersion curves from earthquakes and ambient noise data I developed a new shear velocity model for a region covering India, the Tibetan Plateau, the Tarim Basin and the Tien Shan.

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