Request IECZ_2018 dispersion curves

Use this form to request (pseudo)-dispersion curves from the IECZ_2018 group velocity model published in Gilligan and Priestley (2018).

For a given point between 8-44N and 65-109E we can provide a fundamental mode Rayleigh wave dispersion curve from 5-70s, extracted from the group velocitymaps we have produced. This area covers India, Tibet, the Pamirs, the Tien Shan and the Tarim Basin. These data can then be used for applications such as joint inversion for lithospheric structure with other types of geophysical data at that particular location. Please see Gilligan and Priestly (2018) for a detailed description of the surface wave data and methods that have gone into producing these maps.

F2_GVtomo_newTo request data please give a list of locations in the format

[network code] [station name] [latitude] [longitude]

with each location on a new line  e.g:

SW SW132 20 98
SW SW133 20 98
SW SW134 21 86
SW SW135 21 87
SW SW136 21 88
SW SW137 21 89

If the points that you’re wanting data for are the locations of seismometers then give the network code and station names that are found on IRIS or other seismic data repository.  For example, if you want dispersion curves at the locations of the seismometers in the 2007-2011 PASSCAL array in West Tibet the network code would be Y2 and the request would look like this:

Y2 GARY 31.726800   80.337400
Y2 GUGE  31.476900  79.664100
Y2 MONS 31.190200  80.749200
Y2 NOCO  33.719400  80.389800
Y2 NOMA  32.442400 83.161900
Y2 NPUK  32.390400  81.157400
Y2 PURG  30.198800  81.275300

If you’re wanting dispersion curves at arbitrary points, feel free to make up network codes and station names (like the SW example above) but please try to avoid network codes that are already found in this region!

At the moment we are running these extractions manually, so please understand there may be a few days delay in getting the dispersion curves back to you. If I’m unavailable for longer periods of time because of fieldwork or holidays I’ll try to let you know when I expect to be back.

If you use these dispersion curves for research purposes we ask that you cite our work:

Amy Gilligan, Keith Priestley; Lateral variations in the crustal structure of the Indo-Eurasian collision zone, Geophysical Journal International, , ggy172,



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