First nBOSS service run!

60%, 78.43%, 83%, 85% data recovery…the guesstimates weren’t sounding overly optimistic for our first service run of the nBOSS network. As I headed out to Borneo, via a Munro compleation party in Glen Shiel, all the things that could have gone wrong were going though my mind – we’d put the regulators in the wrongContinue reading “First nBOSS service run!”

How to install a seismometer in 10 easy steps!

  This video, filmed at 3 sites – Pelita Estate (SBC9), Kampung Lumampau (SBB2), and Palau Mengalum (SBE1) – shows how we installed the seismometers during the nBOSS deployment. The instruments we used are Guralp CMG-3ESPs and Guralp 6TDs – broadband seismometers capable of recording signals at a range of frequencies and were provided by theContinue reading “How to install a seismometer in 10 easy steps!”

nBOSS deployment diary: week 4

Everyone had very long days on Saturday so we had a leisurely start on Sunday morning. After breakfast I headed to the Gaya St market in search of a Mount Kinabalu souvenir t-shirt and managed to find a suitably garish gold glittery one. Mid-morning we headed to UMS to unload vehicles and sort out kitContinue reading “nBOSS deployment diary: week 4”

nBOSS deployment diary: week 3

It was lovely to wake up to a cool and sunny morning in the jungle. After breakfast we set off from Nepenthes camp back towards Agathis camp on the edge of the basin. On our way we took a short detour to check on the station we’d installed the previous day – everything was workingContinue reading “nBOSS deployment diary: week 3”

nBOSS deployment diary: week 2

On Sunday morning we headed off early towards the school in Tampasak. This was the site on the scouting trip in August we’d taken an interesting ‘long-cut’ to get to, however this time, guided by Louvis’ expert navigation we took a route via Tongod using a bridge what even Google Maps didn’t know about. AtContinue reading “nBOSS deployment diary: week 2”

nBOSS deployment diary: week 1

The team assembled in Kota Kinabalu, the main city in Sabah, last Saturday. I arrived there after spending a  couple of days before in Kuala Lumpur picking up research passes for me and Nick. Sunday was was quite a leisurely day, recovering from our journeys and seeing the sights of KK, including the Gaya StContinue reading “nBOSS deployment diary: week 1”

Seismometer scouting in Sabah

In August I headed to Sabah again for a few weeks to help with scouting for sites to put seismometers across north Borneo. These instruments will be deployed as part of a project to image the structure of the crust and mantle beneath Sabah, hopefully leading to better understanding of the tectonic processes that haveContinue reading “Seismometer scouting in Sabah”

In search of faults in Lahad Datu and Ranau

In May I went on another collaborative visit to Sabah, this time accompanying Prof. Felix Tongkul from UMS and two of his graduate students, Louvis and Brandon, out into the field in search of active faults. Our colleagues at UMS have been using very high resolution IFSAR data to identify the location of potential activeContinue reading “In search of faults in Lahad Datu and Ranau”

First visit to Malaysia

Earlier this month I went on my first visit to Malaysia as part of the British Council funded Institutional links project between the University of Aberdeen and Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). As well as meeting collaborators for the first time, the trip provided me with an introduction to Malaysia in general, and Sabah in particular.Continue reading “First visit to Malaysia”