First nBOSS service run!

60%, 78.43%, 83%, 85% data recovery…the guesstimates weren’t sounding overly optimistic for our first service run of the nBOSS network. As I headed out to Borneo, via a Munro compleation party in Glen Shiel, all the things that could have gone wrong were going though my mind – we’d put the regulators in the wrongContinue reading “First nBOSS service run!”

How to install a seismometer in 10 easy steps!

  This video, filmed at 3 sites – Pelita Estate (SBC9), Kampung Lumampau (SBB2), and Palau Mengalum (SBE1) – shows how we installed the seismometers during the nBOSS deployment. The instruments we used are Guralp CMG-3ESPs and Guralp 6TDs – broadband seismometers capable of recording signals at a range of frequencies and were provided by theContinue reading “How to install a seismometer in 10 easy steps!”

nBOSS deployment diary: week 4

Everyone had very long days on Saturday so we had a leisurely start on Sunday morning. After breakfast I headed to the Gaya St market in search of a Mount Kinabalu souvenir t-shirt and managed to find a suitably garish gold glittery one. Mid-morning we headed to UMS to unload vehicles and sort out kitContinue reading “nBOSS deployment diary: week 4”

nBOSS deployment diary: week 3

It was lovely to wake up to a cool and sunny morning in the jungle. After breakfast we set off from Nepenthes camp back towards Agathis camp on the edge of the basin. On our way we took a short detour to check on the station we’d installed the previous day – everything was workingContinue reading “nBOSS deployment diary: week 3”

nBOSS deployment diary: week 2

On Sunday morning we headed off early towards the school in Tampasak. This was the site on the scouting trip in August we’d taken an interesting ‘long-cut’ to get to, however this time, guided by Louvis’ expert navigation we took a route via Tongod using a bridge what even Google Maps didn’t know about. AtContinue reading “nBOSS deployment diary: week 2”

nBOSS deployment diary: week 1

The team assembled in Kota Kinabalu, the main city in Sabah, last Saturday. I arrived there after spending a  couple of days before in Kuala Lumpur picking up research passes for me and Nick. Sunday was was quite a leisurely day, recovering from our journeys and seeing the sights of KK, including the Gaya StContinue reading “nBOSS deployment diary: week 1”