The East Mounth

The East Mounth traverse was adventure borne out of lockdown – the Sidlaws being a suitable training ground – and an intriguing sentence on an account of the West Mounth traverse: “Now how about a matching round of the 14 ‘East Mounth’ Munros on the other side of the A93, with Mayar, Driesh and Mount Keen looking like the ‘awkward’ ticks there?”

The East Mounth (section 7 in the SMC Munros book) are the hills to the east of Glenshee and the south of the River Dee.  There are 14 Munros in the range, 11 on a high plateau stretching from Creag Leacach and Glas Maol in the west to Lochnagar further east, with 3 outliers, Mayar and Driesh, not too much of a diversion to the south, and then, Mount Keen the most easterly of all Munros, on its own at the head of Glen Esk. 

We took a west to east route, starting at noon on 30 May from the Crossing Contours carpark in Glenshee, and first heading up Creag Leacach. From Dreish we chose to descend to Glen Doll, taking better paths and a pit stop at Dave’s car over the 300m extra elevation gain up to Broad Cairn as the sun was beginning to set. From Lochnagar it was quite a slog to Mt Keen, especially the ~8km of pathless peatbog on the dawn approach to Mt Keen from the east. We were met by Fíona at the summit and suprisingly were able to run most of the descent down to Glen Mark, finishing where the track met the road, 21hr, 24mins and 14s after we started.

Many thanks to Dave and Fíona for their support during the traverse and to Dave for making a great video of the adventure!

The route

A gpx file of the route can be downloaded here

Split times

LocationTime from last pointCumulative time
Start (Devils elbow)0:00:000:00:00
Creag Leacach0:57:200:57:20
Glas Maol0:36:541:34:14
Cairn of Claise0:33:582:08:12
Carn an Turic0:26:232:34:35
Tom Buidhe0:21:353:51:56
Arriving Glen Doll0:51:446:47:32
Leaving Glen Doll0:24:287:12:00
Broad Cairn2:25:269:37:26
Cairn Bannoch0:34:0410:11:30
Carn an t-Sagairt Mor0:46:3410:58:04
Carn a Corie Bhoidheach0:49:2611:47:30
Loch Muick visitor centre2:12:1114:51:07
Road turn off0:31:1615:22:23
Mount Keen4:11:4119:34:04
Leaving Mount Keen summit0:25:5920:00:03
Glen Esk1:24:1121:24:14


Starting in the the Crossing Contours carpark in Glenshee, a traverse of the 14 Munros in the East Mounth, finishing at the road in Glen Mark

When :

30/31 May 2021

Total time:

21hrs, 24mins, 14 sec

Total distance:


Total elevation:



Dominic Williams, support from David Matthews and Fíona Canavan

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